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Friday, July 31, 2009

"Cow One"


Just woke up a few minutes ago. I crawled up, went to the desktop, on the comp, open Mozilla Firefox, and started typing : It came so naturally i can say haha because i wanna watch my first ever movie clip to be posted on youtube and oso siawy's blog.
Although it looked like a really Malaysian short clip, but we're all happy with it :) Girls are very creative. So, if you are ever thinking of messing up with girls, think twice.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to myself!!

P/S : more updates coming up. Lets sit back , and relax.. Have fun reading.
p/p/s : so sweet of Bie calling me last night to wish me bday, and he sang to me :D :D awhh, love u loads. cant wait to see you!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Page Load Error??

I cant go on Facebook!!

though its jz a few minutess ago but im already getting frustrated..Facebook, yes, u're a part of my life now (I'll make sure i get my promotion fee). I didnt become a fan of "I FAIL MY EXAMS BECAUSE I GO ON FACEBOOK TOO MUCH" because i never thought its gonna be that interesting when i first signed up for it.. i just didnt get how an "ordinary" social site can lead to such a consequence. Now i'm totally agree with the statement. :-x Or its an argument? Evaluate it for yourselves. heh. Thinking Skills.

Reason 1 : Facebook staffs love to create addictive and super long games like
Happy Farm, Restaurant City and Pet Society which can take up to
months to finish one of those games mentioned.

Reason 2 : Facebook has trillions of personality tests, people can do them for

Reason 3 : Facebook allows people to play short games like Blitz Bejeweled
but although its only one minute per game, survey shows people can
play up to one hour per interval. Which means people play 60
games in one shot.

(Intermediate Conclusion) : Facebook users spend more time on Facebook than
doing other beneficial activities like studying.

Reason 4 : People take photos because they've got another fun thing to do,
that is to upload on Facebook and tag themselves or families and
friends. Bear in mind, people upload over a hundred pictures
sometimes, which means its time-consuming too.

Reason 5 : Most of the Facebook users are students.

(IC+R4+R5--> Main Conclusion) : Students fail their exams because they go on
Facebook too much!!

Ok i didnt mean "people", its me la :P
omg, its been an hour. I still cant get into Facebook :(

p/s : i duno why the paragraphs appear to be like that when the post's published..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thank You DADDY :D

Love them? i definitely do. Thank you Daddy for my pre-birthday present!!

# Take 1.
# Take 2.

Sadly, the white ones're out of stock.
But i still love mine.
# Take 3.

A closer look to the Mickeys, Tiger, Chipmunk and flowers.
# Take 4.
My dad's so sweet he bought me both of the Crocs sandals!! I was..owhh, melted i guess. Thank you muchie muchie.
I love you Daddy!!!
Tada.. im wearing already once they're under my property.
# Take 5.
p/s : One of the small boxes on my wish list can be ticked already :) :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cant wait to harvest!!

My Happy Happy Farm.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An angelical Information :)

On angel's wings, there's an angelical information.
Angel's wings, they're like letters in the sky.
No matter what the question is,
is the answer, it's written on angel's wings.

Happy 5th Month Anniversary, love.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Classics EQ course from North.

woo.. finally we're back from the far far away Johor..its really not fun to travel by car actually.. backside flattened wei.

ok, so, what about the course?? haha. not bad lah actually the speaker's quite inspiring. But still, i fell asleep during the course.. cz i couldnt resist the tv shows back in the hotel! They have Astro Star Movies and Wah Lai Toi, how great!! So i watched and watched and watched every night, with Vee Vian snoring beside me..

Back to the course, it tells how should parents communicate with their children. I dunno why its called the Classics EQ course. Me and Ah Vian're the only unmarried ones there le.. we felt so belittled. And one thing, i think the effect's reversed when the children're the ones who attended the course. Cz me n Vian are starting to think, " Why our parents dont behave like what's taught here??!!"
There our minds go, spinning.. too bad.

Nonetheless, we still took some pictures :)

My no1 victim!!
Yay..My victory Ah Vian!
No eye see.
After the "EQ" course, we reconciled. Friendship no1 now!!
Here's a group picture. Spot me !! xDEnd of story :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New semester, new lecturer??

Stephanie was telling us yesterday that our ex-Chemistry lecturer, Mr Andrew Wong has left us for good and some Dr Au will be teaching us. Mr Andrew, how could u do that to us?? ssk ssk..

Ok anyway that's the fact which has to be accepted and i was hoping that Dr. Au would be some kinda of tall, dark and handsome lecturer. like Mr Ken perhaps?? (lol, Bangla/ Mr Manggali, happee anot??) **puke**.. haha. And today, first period was Chemistry.

Dr. Au walked in.

"Hi, I'm Dr Hilary Au."
ohh man.. A lady lecturer. So we're having all female lecturers for BS4. ehh, so we consider Gan Gan as a woman? yeah, FYI, although Gan Gan(our Thinking Skills lecturer)'s a he, but he's still.. urgh, worse than a female teacher in primary school.

Well, i have not much to comment on Dr Au, just that she likes to ask one question.
"Have u heard of Rueben and Dominic? Their my sons." Lol. How on earth do pp get to know ur sons' names ar? Wait..
Claire does. hehe..
we'll wait and see how things go.
btw, Welcome to Taylor's College Sri Hartamas, DR HILARY AU!

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