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Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweet Coincidence :)

Me and bie went for a movie today at cineileisure.. so watched Night At The Museum 2. The comment for this movie : not as exciting as the last one, and no climax le. hmm..

While we were wathcing the movie, i suddenly had this urge to look for Lien Siaw. I could feel her existence so much under the same roof, that's because she told me she's gonna paktor at cineleisure too Haha. So i started looking around for her. Down, dont have. Right, dont have either. ok, try the upper part. Wow, guess what, there he was, Mervin Chin Siao Kia(who ask u to always call me Jo-ane). I saw him first actually, later Lien Siaw cz he still looked so fair(like ghost le :P) eventhough it was dark in the cinema. Lien Lien, u really blackie blackie hitam manis. haha. no offence ya dudes.

Overall, everything was okay. At least i could spend some time with him :)
ok la wanna watch Just Love II.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Exam, we'll meet again so soon..

Semester exam is coming like in a week's time and im not really prepared yet.. being a procrastinator lately.. dont know why i just dont feel like studying..Things that im looking forward to in college's just two,
1) lunch time
2) when to go home

Haha but about two weeks ago, i've discovered another anticipation..
Im so addicted to these two fb games right now even right before our bio test me and my other three golden flowers(haha if u noe what i mean) were still playing.. and of course, my results was damn fantastic until it's fatalistic. My marks were so dead. I got an E.

Anyway, its just a topical test la.. But, i still have to get an A for my sem test.. if not i'll be really dead. My house got lion le :-x

Having said that, my house really shelters quite a nu
mber of types of animals.. Let me show u.

First and foremost.
My very own pet.

A poodle : Chelle Chelle.
2) The cute and very intelligent "flying mouse".
A sugar glider : Ginny.
Another cool pic of hers.3) My green green tortoises.
err, no names. opps.
the two big ones were my bday gift.thank you !!
Then i bought another two. The last one looked abandoned right.
Yeah, my sister did.
4) Coulourful fishes!!
no names too :PLastly,
The homo sapiens.

woo.. 5 different kinda of species living in a community. I have plants in my house though. Haha.
Ecology?? yeah, not bad right. Kaka.
ok la, havta go feed my anjing kesayangan dy..

Monday, May 18, 2009

The D-I-S-T-A-N-C-E..

Bie told me that he got scholarship.. Congrats baby :)
Thank God for answering my prayers. was very happy for him when i knew about it, but at the same time, knowing that he'll leave Malaysia for his studies, sure heart-ache one lah :(

I knew the fact that he is going to leave no matter what before we even started this relationship. Still, i choose to stand strong and work out everything together with him. Long-distance relationships do last, right? Opps. sorry for the sudden emo-ness. lol.
okay, let's think about something postitive now. I still have 3 months more or less here with him.
I'll surely, definitely, uncompromisingly cherish every moment i've spent or going to spend with my baby.
Remember the letter soup in the ABC show when we used to watch during kindergarten times?? Where there's a teacher, a bunch of kindergarten kiddos and a bad clown :-X
my very own letter soup.
If you know what i mean :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time flies..

This has nothing to do with AIDS or breast cancer k. I just love the way red and white suit each other on the ribbon. FYI, nucleophile's another fancy word for nucleus-loving in chemistry. I did pay attention for that lecture. haha.

so, PHILE YOU BABY :) happy 3rd month anniversary.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Short Term Dysfunctional of My SAN.

Fetched my bro from Dr. Fong's tuition just now. There's one super U-turn near my area which i have to go thru to get to some of my destinations. I've got no choice but to do that SUPER U-TURNING..

If i hadnt make the steering back in position, my car was so gonna knock up the divider and both dad and i could be injured, if there were speeding cars in the opposite direction.I know that's a power steering. BUT, I really didnt know why i reacted like i've just got my first driving lesson. My sinoatrial node stopped sending impulses to the rest of my heart for that few seconds jz now, i swear! A real narrow escape. PHEW.. Luckily nothing bad happened. I shouldnt have gone out to drive since i was having headache and i feel dizzy.. even now when im blogging. I really shouldnt.

p/s : The whole thing was my fault. I really need more, more, more practice!!

p/p/s : Parking, i suck at it. Dad's right, it's useless when you can drive, but not park.

Main-main, kemek-kemek..

Poor Lien Siaw lost the parking ticket today. She was searching high and low for it, but i guess Lady Luck's not by her side, there was no sign of the ticket. Until she realized she might drop it at the lab, so she went and asked the key holder of the laboratories. The Myanmar or Cambodian or Vietnamese guy(sry, i dont noe..) said he saw some white paper in the lab we've used. According to Lien Siaw, the guy later said , "Main-main, kemek-kemek." Huh? ohh o...What did he mean? lol. Then he told Lien Siaw they threw it off or something.

Really poor lien lien, had to pay 50 bucks for another new ticket to be processed. But take it as a lesson lo k. Ya i agree its a bit too expensive for a lesson to be learned, but its a really good "prevention" for another 50, 30 or 20 bucks to "mou la la" fly away from you.

p/s : smile ya LS..Can claim from ur dad then good lu :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


That's the status JPA gave me.

Never mind. Haha.

So far that i know of, 2 of my classmates,they applied for overseas programmes,went for interview and all. And very "fortunately", they got the scholarship. yeah no joke, they definitely got it!! but, the fun part is, to study in MALAYSIA..
feel cheated eh? lol.
that's what pp always do.
But, think positive, pp wanna instil patriotism in you what, good oso ma :P

Ngek ngek. Taylor's College Sri Hartamas, no doubts, im sticking with you!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Swine flu?

Ms Charmaine : " Can you take your test now? "
Stephanie : " No. "
Ms Charmaine : " Why? "
Stephanie : " I think i've got swine flu. I have to be quarantined. "
Ms Charmaine : " Well, i think you should go inform the admin and see what they could do for you."
Stephanie : " Okay. "

Steph's one of our classmates and just got back from Hong Kong on Tuesday.

That was the conversation between Steph and Ms Charmaine after Steph went to the clinic. Yeah Ms Charmaine, I swear i wasnt breathing when the i heard Steph saying that she might have swine flu when we're having our bio test. So did everyone in the class, i believe. Me and jesslynn were basically staring at each other with our O shaped mouth at that time.

Stephanie, i really hope it's just the normal influenza virus that you're infected with. No. Not swine flu please. Get well soon ya.


I was telling him that JPA's results's coming out at 5pm today after i came home from Chelle Chelle's vaccination. Thank God she's still alright now. Then "pop", i fell asleep and the JPA thing just vanished from my memory. 1 hour later, got up and saw his reply asking me about the scholarship results. ARHHHH. FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT AND HAPPILY SLEPT THRU THAT ONE HOUR.

I jumped up from the bed and sped to the desktop, typed
Semakan keputusan Permohonan Ijazah Luar Negara 2009 boleh dibuat pada 8 Mei 2009 pukul 5 petang (that was the line i saw before i went to sleep). Was waiting for it to access, it took me 10 minutes. In that 10 minutes, i felt like pooping im telling you. Butterflies in my stomach that kinda feeling. Alright, got in. Clicked on the one that stated semakan.

Semakan keputusan terkini : Permohonan Ijazah Luar Negara ke Perancis dan Jepun.(dibuka dari 21 April 2009). HUH? I've seen that a month ago and obviously,no further updates after that. So why does it say that we can check after 5pm today in the main website?? These pp really ar..dunno what to say anymore. Aikz.The last time said 1st of May release the results, oso ffk-ed us.

Come on, just bring it on. Tell the applicants !!

P/S : Its already 10 minutes to 7.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finally it's at my doorstep :)

Thank you so much.

finally i've got my licence. haha im not 'hanging' anymore.took a few pictures with the P. but didnt post lah after pp say i giler. lol.

Poor Chelle Chelle vomited when she was resting beside me half an hour ago. I was basically asking her why was she vomiting as if she knows how to answer me. Lol lah really.I realised. So quickly called KJ and the pet shop to check out whether she is alright. Both of the parties told me probably it's indigestion. My dear, you really got me so worried just now! Somemore, tomorrow's bringing her for vaccination and she might have fever after the injection. Ssk ssk. I think i wont be able to stop worrying about her for the whole of next week. Be very fine Chelle Chelle, k?

ok. gotta run. feed my doggie.
shall post more pictures of her :)

p/s : all the best for your interview again tomorrow :D
although its just a day or 2 in spore, still, take care.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Chillies for life!!

OMG. i was stunned when i saw these on the dining table.
Auntie, i know its very kind of you to cook a variety of food for us and im not supposed to complain anymore.Blah blah... I dont care. Whack me. I really needa say something about this.
You expect us to finish these??
Two full plates of curried chicken and red chillies(yong tau fu)?? That plate of yong tau fu is damn spicy cz not all the seeds were taken out.
I love spicy food but these really didnt look tempting to me.
They looked scary.
When dad asked the auntie, " Auntie, why you cooked so much ar?" (in cantonese)
Auntie ," Har? still got a lot havent cook woh.."
Grrr...We talk apple , you talk orange.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

another NEW month.

phew.. finally it's May. I keep telling myself that April's not my month cz i failed my driving test for twice in that pathetic month. ok, lets talk about MAY now, yay. On Labour Day (ytd) , we accompanied mom to repair her glasses in Metro Prima. Spent almost one and a half hours there, like we're shopping in that little Kedai Cermin Mata Metro. Apart from repairing, mom bought herself another 3 pairs of glasses (one for home use, one for working and another pair of Esprit sunglasses), using my dad's credit card, lol.The three items worthed slightly more than 1K. So mom initally wanted to pay them with her bank notes since she got it fresh from the ATM machine, but i said something to my sis. "Owhh, no more doggie dy le." Surprisingly, mom was like, " Huh?? oh u want dog ar? ok la keep the cash first." omg. Am i dreaming?? i was thinking. NO!! we headed straight to a pet shop - DEPTPET which the owner of the shop is an old friend of my mom.

I was looking for a Golden Retriever but unfortunately, there's none. but wait, I saw Poodles. Brown, brown, BLACK! my eyes went looking for the price tag. Brown Poodle : RM 1300. Black Poodle : RM 1500. I didnt have to ask anything and the lady boss(mom's friend), said black poodle's very rare, that's why its more expensive than the other ordinary colours. The next minute, the blackie cute puppy was already lying comfortably in my arms. And, the best part was, we're bringing her home!!! Although it's a HER,cz normally pp say bitches are quite troublesome to take care, they'll have period one, but it doesnt matter. We'll keep her clean :P

Meet my Chelle Chelle.
Her date of birth is 09.02.2009.

can buy Toto dy.

Or, buy Magnum.

There's Magnum, there's surprise, there's happiness.


cant see clearly? or cant see anything?haha. i told you its black.

Today, i went for my driving lesson with a new instructor, not because my original instructor's not good, but his time's too difficult to book, and i got fed up of talking to the Joey from the driving sch office.I'm really mad at her for her ignorance and poor management.B****. hmmph. so, i went up on a red kancil this time, the instructor's a lil old and grey. He was talking about himself and his children all the way to the driving sch. okay.okay.okay. i know it was the ice breaking session. sorry but all im interested in is to pass my driving test, not to listen why it's betta to go to Form 6, and not college. Although my mouth made an O shape when i heard him saying that his daughter's a

I failed twice on the slope, thus he showed me the balancing part. So i did it on my own after the demonstration. Reached the yellow line. pulled hand break. released the break slowly. OOPS. the car went back a lil and i pulled the hand break again. "tick!". ok, the car wasnt moving already. so i thought i was ready to go down after the car lurch forward when i had released the clutch to a certain level. Hand on the hand break, ready, down!!

OH NO..........i realised something.

I couldnt release the hand break. Whether was it that i didnt have enough strength cz i already used both my hands to make that thing down, i would say i was kinda chilled,haha. Cz what i did first was, wiped my sweat on my forehead, moved my fringe to the side and then oni put on a very frustrated look(i was very actually), with a smile though. I was looking for help lah!! And a Malay guy from the pondok came towards me, perhaps he saw me struggling with the hand break, so he helped me release it. goodness gracious me. and its not even once. TWICE. argh..gosh, WHERE TO PUT MY FACE??? and the new uncle, i dont know what was he doing, but all i know was, he didnt come to my rescue :(

Parking was ok. but three point turn, with the new white kancil, i manage to drive the whole car in nicely for the first turning using Uncle Lee's formula, but with this red one, i couldnt. I dunno why. i thought it should be the same. hmm.. the driving process wasnt a smooth one, not as how i wanted it to be. Aikz. Never mind.

ok lu, gotta go feed Chelle Chelle.


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