Some christmas pressie for me?

Monday, April 27, 2009

so, its another day of "NOT-MY-DAY".

P/S : wont stop trying until i get my P.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thank you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back to college, get down to business.

Was supposed to have oatmeal as breakfast this morning but it became salted oatmeal.. really salted. Kakak thought the sugar was didnt say anything because she had had enough scoldings from the lioness - MOM. Really pitiful sometimes. Aikz. Just told my dad about it and gulped down a kuih from the market mom bought and rushed off to Jess's house.

After the two-weeks break, we're back to college again! And the first lecture was LAN. Yay,chit-chat time again. and all of a sudden, Mr William, who's our LAN lecturer said something like this, "Guys, next thursday's your final exam for Malaysian Studies." WHAT??!! FINAL EXAM??!! SHIT. I DIDNT PAY ATTENTION IN LAN CLASS FOR THE PAST... FOUR MONTHS!! oh no, no, NO.

But anyway, the news didnt really bother us because our day went on as usual when we saw our beloved Mr Andrew.its Chem Prac time again :) just love seeing those colour changes of the chemicals. so the things up there was just my first reaction, haha. as usual la, stressed out punye.

so then it was Math period and we were proceeding in Statistics 1. Ms Logesh's notes are really the longest math notes i've ever copied. Aren't math notes supposed to be short and direct? I dont understand. We're like copying one whole page of MATH ESSAY.LOL. just wanna complain a bit lah.Complained to Jess in class but, still dont think its enough, so now complain in my blog ^o^

never like MATH in my life.ok lu, gtg watch my King Of Snooker. buh-bye.

My Sugar Glider : Ginny's sleeping all the way in my shirt when i was typing this. haha. warm huh girl :P

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dua kali tak sampai.. turun !

Didnt reach the yellow line at the slope. TWICE. Frankly speaking, not to blame anyone or anything, i really didnt have "feelings" for the car that i drove today. Couldnt get used to it. Hmm, not a very good day for me i guess. I'll try again next week but im a bit traumatized now. However, passed the road test, of course loh(you-know-how).

Consider passed half the driving test, but still failed. *Sigh*
I'll go back next week to retake the test.Com'on , i really want to pass lah.I need to have not only my fingers crossed this time, toes as well i think. Hahah. ;(

p/s : congrats to Shu Yi who passed her driving test successfully today :)
p/p/s : P license, come to me le.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Breath in, breath out.. x3

hmm.. just got back from my last driving lesson and tomorrow's my BIG DAY - DRIVING TEST!!! have nothing much to say actually haha, just hope that i'll pass.

Fingers crossed.
p/s : thanks little cutie :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some pictures on Sunday's outing 10th April - Midvalley.

UNITED WE STAND's still our quote =D
A group picture before our err.. brunch :) sorry its a bit blurr.

the metal chopsticks and spoons are really really EXCELLENT heat conductor lo ;( " err.. not nice one.."
(Wai Ken, its time for you to take over the restaurant haha XD)

Its time for Master Kar Joon to try out the food. Dipersilakan.

" omg its so hot and i cant even find a whole complete piece of BEEF!! "

" im not touching KIM CHEE no more!! "

" I want BEEF BEEF BEEF!! "

yerr chong siang, why show your gay-ness when we're taking pic? lol :P
Before movie.
Smile wider broS and sisS !!
please collect your prints here!!
Ei, where's nyin hui?? ohh ya she was our camera "girl"!
Time to go home lu :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love , Does Not Come Easy..

I'll remember this date : 14th February 2009.
That was when everything started, and we've been through the 59th day now.
Love very much the time we've spent together , let's not talk about MISS here.
Because the "missing you" part would be endless.
With a kiss on the hand, the heart was just going to melt.
Even if I dont get to see you , or it's just SMS-ing , still I feel , close to you..


P/S : All the best for your interview..

Saturday, April 11, 2009


i wasnt sleeping well these two days. the night before last night, was asleep only at 4am if my eyes didnt make a mistake. and last night, after two in the morning. What's wrong with me?? I mean sleeping's the happiest thing to do(the best thing to do to waste time also) , and


Something must have seriously gone wrong with me somewhere,and pimples are making their way through my face too. Sob. that's really bad. Mr Insomnia, go away, by all means please, will you? its so torturing.

HAHA.i was asked a FUNNY question last night.

(dont laugh ar.. must respect the ask-er. ppl dont know ma)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.(lol no offence k)

let me introduce you this good bud of mine.



and her name doesnt sound like a guy's lah lol.
anyway, i love you girl !!
our friendship rocks :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

ADDICTED to King Of Snooker (桌球天王)


Thanks to Astro On Demand(seems that i like to thank ppl in my blog eh)! im so into this TVB drama now, starring Niki Chow, Adam Cheng, Derek Kok and Patrick Tang from left to right, top to bottom respectively. The actors and actresses did great on their jobs, at the same time, teaching the audience how to play snooker with style.

And this Adam Cheng, i think he really does know how to play snooker very well. Told my dad about it, and he answered :" sure lah he's so free what. got nothing to do also ma." LOL. jealous ke ni because Adam Cheng has nothing to do? haha. But seriously eventhough Adam Cheng's already 60 ++, but his man-ness and macho-ness, still win the hearts of the audience(including me here! hehe :P). and he talks a lot about the rules of life in this drama, which indirectly become advices for me actually. hmm, reali not an ordinary China Ah Pek. haha. For those who are also watching The King Of Snooker, lets enjoy the show!

Feel like learning how to play snooker now already la.Hahah.

This drama's really nice :)

here's another picture of the casts.

Adam Cheng, Niki Chow, i-dont-know-his-name(paiseh), Derek Kok, Joyce Tang, Benz Hui(wait a minute, Benz? lol) and Halina Tam

T H E----- K I N G -----O F----- S N O O K E R

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So Near, yet So Far..

its just a few minutes of driving distance and i couldnt even get out of my house.
A damn MAMA GIRL. *sigh*

Wednesday, April 8, 2009



just blogged for one post and my fingers are already itchy now..

UH-HEM..Seperti yang telah dimaklumkan, Mr William taught us the basics of Cha-Cha today..actually more or less the same as Salsa i think.. haha im not a professional jz telling my opinion.Do like both Salsa and Cha-Cha. Guys, as long as you are taught by Mr William , you will like any kinda dance.. no joke.. he's one of the crew of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE competition and the winner, Ceci is one of his student. dont play play ar..

So, arent we, students from Taylor's College Sri Hartamas honoured to be taught by such a "GENG YAU"? yes, definitely.

We were dancing happily with our partners in Beta Theatre. for your information, we dont even have a single guy in our class so some of the girls have to be real macho and fully "utilise" the male hormones in them.. Jesslynn and Lien Siaw are the gentlemen while me and Vee Vian are the ladies :D thanks to Jesslynn(aka kancil, lol) for being my male partner all this while.. you can win the coming Asian Pacific dance competition dy.. i guarantee.. with all the strength you have in your body, your hand and also.. your HAIR..haha. all the other dancers can "Da Bao" and go back eat wantan mee xD
haha by the way, gambatte in your practice ya :)

Its our first Cha-Cha class so we were a bit kelam-kabut also in the beginning. and this Mr William went like make us even more confused with his very own invented steps. This was how he came out with his steps ------------------------------------

'One, Two, cha-cha-cha'

'Ar One, Two, cha-cha-cha'

'One,Two, mong-cha-cha'

-.-" haha i wonder if crows were flying over the rooftop that time.

but luckily we still could manage the steps and made it till the end of the songs. Thanks to Mr William :) and one thing, i wore a blouse with black and white stripes to class today. So he was happily calling me Zebra all the way.. was like "Zebra, you wrong ad lah..", "Zebra, you overturned.." "Zebra this that.." aiyo,people across the road also can hear your voice dy le. Zebra also paiseh ma..but overall, it is real fun having a dance coach like him.. althou a lil old and grey.. but he insists that he's only 24.. syok sendiri betul.. lol. will show you guys a picture of him if i can :P
haha uncle william's the one with the green shirt.(sorry ls, stole ur picture)
ok, i'll stop here.

Wow, I hear cats meowing eagerly at the back of my house now. A few kittens will be born soon I guess.. ngek ngek.


a new-born blogger starting to learn how to crawl,walk and run :)

At this moment, just wanna sing this song out loud..

***** Everyday *****
Once in a lifetime
means there’s no second chance
so I believe that you and me
should grab it while we can
Make it last forever
and never give it back
Its our turn and im loving
where're we at
Because this moment’s really all we have
Everyday of our lives
wanna find you there
wanna hold on tight
Gonna run, while we're young
and keep the faith
from right now
gonna use our voices and
scream out loud
take my hand
together we'll celebrate
They say that you should follow
and chase down what you dream
but if you get lost and lose yourself
what does it really mean??
No matter where're we going
it starts from where we are
there's more to life
when we listen to our hearts
And because of you
I've got the strength to start
Everyday, of our lives
wanna find you there
wanna hold on tight
gonna run, while we're young
and keep the faith
T-R-Y :)
Thanks to baby Shu Yi who keeps me accompanied all this while :) Dear Lien Siaw.. nah i created a blog already.. so dont complain that you dont have blogs to read anymore.. and thanks for always being there for me. Owe you guys a hug :D Gonna go for salsa class later.. opps ya we're done with salsa.. today's a brand new dance class.. gonna learn CHA-CHA.. woohoo XD and meet that funny little Mr William who's teaching us . He's damn good i tell you. lol. just random-ness.
Hmm,actually i dont really have a thing on my mind to blog about right now, just the song that i wanna write it out..and you :)
ok i gtg now. going to Jess's house later. then can see my bunch of dudes..

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