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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Its time for the eclipse to be on.

yeah guess i didnt have to say much. the picture always does the talking. but i still wanna talk.

Jz went for the movie New Moon with my princesses. its one of the best movies i've watched in 2009 i would say. haha at least i didnt start yawning in the cinema :P Edward Cullen, Jacob and Carlisle were soooooooo hot.

wait a minute.Carlisle? YES!! Edward's dad.
I like him more seriously ;)
More pictures.

Bella's in danger. such a begger-ish vampire.
omgg. look at him.

and too bad, the most interesting part got censored.
the funniest part. HAHA. a romatic jungle trekking.
the movie was pretty ok to me but the ending was so............. *speechless*
what so hard to shoot jz a few more seconds for Bella's reply?
suspense suspense.. but it's still better than the first one, Twilight. anticipating for Eclipse.

I'm actually kinda exhausted every single day since college routine started again on Monday. so much homework, especially MATH. a lot to recall and a lot to catch up. and we've got assignments to do now. im starting to miss the exam periods. yea i noe im contradicting.. i always am.
foo...what a day! i guess i should stop here. my eyes are begging to be closed. and this irritating ulcer on the tip of my tongue is hurting like hell =(

see ya.

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