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Friday, November 20, 2009

The stress is leaving for temporary.

Yay. Finally finished our AS examination at 10am sharp in room 2.7-2.9 at Taylor's College Sri Hartmas on the 20th of November 2009. After the exam, we followed our schedule planned earlier, and the Princesses' Diary begins. Cz next Sunday is our PROM(we're oni finishing the course in June 2010 thou)!!! Things to hunt for. Dresses, heels, necklaces, earrings,bracelets, many!!!

So we went August 8, The Curve.
I tried on a white gown, which im pretty much in love with. I think i'll go there and try it out again with my mom to make sure everything's alright =D

LOL im actually kinda lazy to blog cz my eyes are quite tired. i'll jz let the pictures talk k. So, here're some photos of the Princesses.
I love Christmas Tree!!!!
For more details, please visit Princess Lien Siaw's blog. her's reali so much more detailed. IM A BIG FAT LAZY PRINCESS! but......
YOU'RE UGLY, AND I CAN DIET!! lol.. that's the quote i've learnt today XD
cya guys.. im more addicted to FACEBOOK ;p

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