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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reunion :P

Suddenly found my long lost baby boy on Facebook the other day. The application "Make A Baby" was a hit two years back on fb, but pp soon got bored of the game and many neglected their babies, just like what i did. so bad right. lol.

so i decided to raise this cutie of mine, Kovsky(the name oso so yeng right).
alright ignore my perasan-ness.

He's in a kindergarten now! I'll make sure he grows well and gets the best of everything. just like a real mother although clicking is all i have to do. haha it may sound stupid but pp who noe me well enough will understand why am i doing all these. i have immense affection for babies.

Now, this is my baby boy, Kovsky.
I love ya!


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